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656 Railroad Ave, Chetek, WI 54728

Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or need rural septic service, count on us to keep your septic system working like it should.


We can pump out your septic tank, clean the sewer lines, and clear out the clogs to get things flowing again.

Prolong the life and maintain the health of your septic system by

having it regularly pumped by Sweetwater Sanitation.


Getting your septic tank pumped is part of being a responsible owner of a septic system, and can prevent more expensive repairs and disaster.

Septic Tank Pumping Will Keep Your System Healthy

Get your septic tank pumped by calling us today


Residential, Commercial, and Rural Septic Service

Comprehensive Septic Services

If your pipes are frozen, don't wait for them to thaw out, contact us! We use high-pressure jetting with hot water to clear them out and get your pipes working again.

Frozen pipes?