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656 Railroad Ave, Chetek, WI 54728

Electric Rooter

It can be difficult to determine the health of your septic system, that’s why regular pumping and cleaning are so important.


If your wastewater is draining slowly or not at all, don't hesitate to call. Our fast and friendly service will keep your pipes clean and clear and prevent backups.

Take care of your plumbing problem before it becomes a plumbing disaster. Tough blockages demand powerful equipment.


Sweetwater Sanitation can get through clogged drains, toilets, sinks, and sewage lines to get things flowing again. Avoid bigger problems and catastrophe by contacting us.

Powerful Electric Rooter Service for Tough Clogs

Call us to clear the toughest clogs


If You Have Drain Problems, Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

  • Clogged sewage lines

  • Clogged sinks

  • Backed-up drains

  • Toilets

Keep Everything Flowing Like it Should

Keep everything flowing and increase your water pressure by maintaining your sewer and drain pipes. Sweetwater Sanitation has the experience and equipment necessary to help prevent any drain problems you have from becoming worse.

Maintain your pipes